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Hey guys,
   i know that it has been over a year since i last wrote, but i just had to get my mind around some stuff. Well the last thing that happen was that i got laid off from my job. I was able to get a job in the laundry of the nursing home that my mom works at so that i did not have to be collecting unemployment but for 3 weeks. But it was not enough money to pay all my bills, so I had to move home with my mom, niece, and grandmother. Good news though, in April I recieved a letter out of the blue from a job that i had applied for years ago and interviewed for but did not get. It seems that my name was still on their list and they sent me a offer to interview for the postion that had open up.  I did and I got the job!! I started training in May and I love the job. I have a cube with a window!! and i work normal hours instead of overnights. I'm still living at home because my grandmother is slipping into early stages of Altimertz  and her health is not so good. I'm here for good to help out. My best friend is expecting a baby!!  My niece started high school and is in the marching band and is in the winter guard. Word of warning though, there is mono going around and my niece caught it and guess what so did I. At 29 years old, I got mono and I am going cabin crazy. The only good thing from that is I've started to want to write. I know this is kind babbling and rabbling but i've got a 100 degree temp and i'm just typing what come to mind. So if you see rabbling post from me in the next couple of weeks just know that  it is sick rabbling. So how is everything going with you?

I just got laid  off. I go in 30 minutes early for a meeting and I'm told that I'm being let go. I feel like I'm going to break into a million little pieces that won't ever fit together again. I've been there for 6 years. I love working for that station. I loved how everyone that it was so cool that I worked in TV. I know that its not the end of the world but it hurts that they would keep the guy that only been there 4 months than me. My bosses were upset, they didn't have a choice. Upstairs told them they had to let these 3 people go and that was that. I just wished that I could know that it would all work out. But in this day and age, I can't know for sure and that scares me. I just don't know what to do.
I seen a few people do this so i thought i would too. I hope tivo comes with a triple recorder soon. I'm hoping some of the new shows suck or move to a new time. 

Sara Conner
Worst Week  yeah wasn't funny
My Own Worst Enemy (damn I wanted to see this one have at least a full season)

The Mentialist
Top Model
Knight Rider
Criminal MInds
Project Runway

Smallville (drank the koolaid)
Eleventh Hour

Ghost Whisper
Crusoe  sucked
Ex list (suprised I liked it and hate that its gone.)

Cold Case
Bold the ones you have seen
Put an asterisk after the movie title* if you really liked it.
Cross it out if you saw a film and really disliked it
Underline the ones you own

43 its the worst I've done on a movie meme in a long while

movie memeCollapse )
i'm in redneck hell. i'm @ a meat & 3 with a live band. The only thing that is making it ok is i am no longer sitting right in front of the speakers.
hey yall just want to let u know that my gg is doing ok. She is a little weak but that is getting better. Thanks for all the good thoughts sent her way.
i need y'all to send good thoughts out to my grandmother. She's going in for surgery tomorrow.
why is it that the right can find all the crazy left comments and say that it represents the total left, but their crazy comments are just a few badapples
i wish that i had a laptop. Work has wifi floating around & it makes getting on some sites possible
it would happen that i would have to work a 12 hour shift & get off @ 5am that would ice the roads over night. Good thoughts for me driving home