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How was everyone's turkey day weekend?
happy turkey day, my lj people.
i'm going to get my new glasses. Finally going to be able to see. = p i'll seen a pic once i get them.
hey trying out textlj hope this works.

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I started reading at 1:00 AM and now at 7:30 AM, I am finished with Deathly Hallows. I've gotten no sleep and I'm going to sleep and then read it again.

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Ok, haven't really posted important stuff about my life in a while. I got a full time job at the station and was able to quit delivering burning pies of hate also known as pizzas. LOVE MY JOB. I work Mon thru Fri 5pm to 1am. Which is great because at heart I am a total night person even though I've been working on a show that requried me to be at work at 5AM! I loved working the show and loved the people I work with, but this job is full time and has benifits!*Snoopy dance of JOY* Also, I still get to seen them if I have to stay late. But I'm going home to sleep and they are coming in to work.
So why have I decieded to rabbling on about this at 4 Am on Sunday morning? Because I'm at the station working the 6th day in a row, the 4th 12 hour shift in a row and 24 hours into overtime. *dead* This has been the week of hell. One of the people that usually works the 5pm to 5am shift had one of her "episodes" and may not be back. So I had to work over friday and work a saturday. Which is fine. Overtime is good.
Then I come in on wednesday and find out that a person on the other crew that works 5pm to 5am shift has called out sick and I have to stay all night. And before we leave at 5am, this same guy is calling out for thurday night too. So that means Bluewolf is staying late thursday night too. I don't mind it. I understand getting too sick to work. Hell back in October I was out of work 3 weeks for double pneoumia including being in the hospital for 4 days. I just wish that it hadn't happen on the same week. Oh I've been having insomina,too. Which I just relieazed makes me want to ramble on livejournal about stuff you prolly don't want to know about. But I feel better and only have 47 minutes left til the morning shift arrives. Yah!

oh and sorry for spelling and grammer mistakes I'm just too tired to care about fixing them right now. maybe after I've gotten some sleep
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1. I fell in love with Stephen King when I read the complete and unedited version of The Stand in freshman year of high school.

2. A horse stepped on my foot during riding camp.

3. I love watching Disney channel.

4. I laugh through horror movies sometimes.

5. I just got a full time job at Fox17.

6. I'm a kinky virgin.

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