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I just got laid  off. I go in 30 minutes early for a meeting and I'm told that I'm being let go. I feel like I'm going to break into a million little pieces that won't ever fit together again. I've been there for 6 years. I love working for that station. I loved how everyone that it was so cool that I worked in TV. I know that its not the end of the world but it hurts that they would keep the guy that only been there 4 months than me. My bosses were upset, they didn't have a choice. Upstairs told them they had to let these 3 people go and that was that. I just wished that I could know that it would all work out. But in this day and age, I can't know for sure and that scares me. I just don't know what to do.
Sure they should have some logical explanation. Anyhow, now-a-days it's all about connections or normally they choose to bring in friends/relatives. Well, keep your head up, sure there are always other openings out there, who knows you may even find a better job = )

Oh man, that's really rotten.

Since you have seniority my guess is the choice was financial, let go the more 'expensive' folks and keep the cheaper ones. Someone who's only been there 4 months is probably making less than you so in the interest of saving money that would be the one to keep. That's assuming the person staying can do the work needed...

Here's hoping you find something better really soon.

::big hugs::